Update from the 2010 NH Watershed Managers Roundtable and Tour Held on October 7th

Greetings NH Watershed Managers:  

Check out the 2010 NH Watershed Managers Roundtable notes and participant evaluations that are now available for review and comments.

Rochester School Street School Raingarden

Summary of Roundtable and Tour

The DES  Watershed Assistance Section hosted the 2010 Watershed Managers Roundtable (2nd Edition) and Project Site Tours on Oct 7th, at the DES Coastal Office, Pease Tradeport, Portsmouth.  Attendees included approximately 50 past, current, and future 319 Watershed Assistance and Restoration grantees, private consultants, and representatives from several EPA Programs and the DES Watershed Management Bureau.  Participants were provided with updates on communication management strategies that were developed following the 2009 roundtable including this watershed forum Blog.  Attendees then contributed to a 1 ½ hour roundtable discussion of project successes and trials and tribulations.  The afternoon included a bus tour to visit the Hodgson Brook Restoration Project, Portsmouth, Cain’s Pond Restoration Project, Seabrook, and the Cocheco River project at School Street School in Rochester. 

Thank you to all of the participants in this event.  The hosts at the project site tours and the contribution from the attendees make this event a success.

The 2010 NH Watershed Managers Roundtable notes and participant evaluations will be incorporated into future communication efforts and the planning of a 3rdedition of the roundtable.  If you have additional suggestions or comments for future topics or resources, please include them in the comment section below or contact: Sally Soule sally.soule@des.nh.gov (603) 559-0032 or Barbara McMillan barbara.mcmillan@des.nh.gov (603) 271-7889.

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