Today’s photo: Another sing-along… “I’m alright, nobody worry about me, why you got to gimme a fight…can’t you just let me be?”

Today’s project photos come to us from the Biopalooza project (with some help from those of us at the blog)

The UNH Stormwater Center has been busy installing stormwater BMPs as part of their Biopalooza grant project.  Over the past year, they’ve worked with various local partners to install innovative bioretention stormwater treatment practices in Stratham, Newington, and Durham.

Durham’s Biopalooza installation was so appealing that it attracted a very special and wily guest engineer…..


 Biopalooza Gopher, PE

 Here’s a photo of the Durham BMP before the gopher moved in…. 

 ORR install

That’s a nice looking home, er….BMP.


Here’s a photo of the gopher’s burrow…..


Jamie Houle, Biopalooza’s project manager, expressed his opinion of the gopher’s stormwater engineering skills this way: “It turns out gophers don’t know much about outlet sizing.”

The blog, in turn, would like give Jamie a gift photo for all his furry troubles:

 bill and gopher

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