Seacoast Watershed Projects Receive $20K Blue Water Fund Grant for Restoration Efforts

The Hodgson Brook Restoration Project in Portsmouth and the Berry Brook Restoration Project in Dover recently learned the projects will receive $20K in grant funds to assist with ongoing restoration efforts in both watersheds. The Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) Blue Water Project awarded funding to regional partners working with the Gulf of Maine Association (GOMA) in coordination with the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment. The GOMA will provide leadership for the RBC Blue Water projects, including Berry and Hodgson Brook, two projects in the maritime provinces of Canada, and restoration projects in South Portland, Maine. This international partnership is intended to raise awareness about urban water resource issues and will result in “on the ground” projects that improve water quality in cities and towns.

 Hodgson and Berry Brook do not meet water quality standards primarily due to impacts from urban development.  The goal of the restoration efforts for both brooks is to restore water quality and aquatic habitat so that Berry and Hodgson Brooks are no longer impaired. The projects also recently received watershed restoration grants from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES). The RBC Blue Water grants will be used to enhance the on-going restoration efforts in these watersheds.

 The RBC Blue Water funds will help implement restoration projects including the construction of water quality improvement measures such as rain gardens and tree box filters which reduce polluted runoff, restoration of 700 feet of stream buffer with native plantings, and outreach to residents to increase awareness about stormwater management. Local partners for the projects include the Public Works Departments from the cities of Portsmouth and Dover, the UNH Stormwater Center, UNH Cooperative Extension and local garden centers.

 Sally Soule, Coastal Watershed Restoration Supervisor for NHDES, said, “It’s really great that we are partnering with the Royal Bank of Canada and the Gulf of Maine Council on these projects. This funding will go a long way as we work towards restoring the health of these impaired streams.”  Ultimately, restoring these valuable local water resources will provide environmental, recreational and aesthetic benefits to the community in perpetuity.

 For more information please contact:  Candace Dolan 603-559-1529  , Hodgson Brook Restoration Project.

Or contact James  Houle, , UNH Stormwater Center, Berry Brook Restoration Project.

Grant funds will be used to install stormwater management practices like this tree box filter which removes pollution from runoff.

PHOTO: Candace Dolan, Hodgson Brook Restoration Project

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