Exeter River Restoration and Stormwater Management

The Brentwood Conservation Commission and Rockingham County Conservation District (RCCD) are restoring sections of eroding bank along the Exeter River in Brentwood. The project includes  bank stabilization and stormwater management which will reduce the amount of sediment and stormwater runoff entering the river. The project will improve aquatic habitat and water quality.

To address bank erosion, the project team is reconstructing 100 feet of severely eroding riverbank and planting saplings and shrubs to further stabilize the bank and prevent sediment from washing into the river.

Strong stormwater flows are also causing erosion and sedimentation along this reach of the river. To address these problems, the project team is installing infiltration steps, vegetated swales, and a bioretention unit to manage stormwater and reduce the impacts of erosive stormwater flows on the riverbank.

Brentwood DPW is assisting the project team with construction efforts. Earlier this month, RCCD and the Conservation Commission hosted a volunteer day. Over 20 people showed up to help plant trees and shrubs at the restoration site.

Funding for this project includes grants from the DES Watershed Assistance Section — Watershed Restoration Grants, Trout Unlimited, and the DES Aquatic Resource Mitigation Fund.


Photo 1. Local volunteers plant trees to help stabilize river bank.

Photo 2. RCCD’s Project Engineer works with a volunteer to install infiltration steps. The steps are designed to reduce riverbank erosion.

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