Mirror Lake Prot Assn – Storm Water Management Improvement

We are sharing several photos of the residential rain gardens, bioretention cells and stabilization work accomplished this fall.  Our goal is to reduce sediment entering the lake. 

We had enthusiastic participation from Mirror Lake residents and, further, the education associated with this project has resulted in some landowners contracting personally for additional remediation work around their homes.   

The upcoming storm will be a test of how well they work!



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2 Responses to Mirror Lake Prot Assn – Storm Water Management Improvement

  1. Andy Chapman says:

    Well Done MLPA! Many thanks to MLPA, Dusty Davies, and all the owners willing to coordinate and have rain gardens constructed on their property. Attention to detail during site selection and design by Geosyntec Consultants and construction by CB Lafrance have maximized each sites potential to reduce pollutants (sediment and phosphorus) to Mirror Lake. Keep up the good work!
    Several of the rain gardens are located along Mirror Lake Drive and easy to view. If you are in the area, go have a look!

  2. sally.soule says:

    Those installations look great! Nice work MLPA.

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