From: Couture, Steve
Sent: Monday, August 03, 2009 8:20 AM
To: Pelletier, Rene; Sommer, Lori; Adams, Collis; Tilton, Mary Ann
Cc: Weit, Laura M; Currier, Paul M.
Subject: SB 65 - Fast Track Bill - Cocheco designation correction needed

Wetland friends:


I know the plan is for the SB65 created committee to develop legislation to increase the administrative percentage for the in lieu fee mitigation, and that this will be a fast track bill via the retained HB 681.  Could you work in an RSA 483 correction into this fast track effort?  We had an error in the language for the Cocheco designation.  The correction that is needed is as follows:


Amend RSA 483:15, XVI (a) as follows:

XVI. Cocheco River:

(a) As a natural river from the Cocheco River headwaters at the outlet south of March’s Pond in New Durham to Spring Street crossing in Farmington.

We would appreciate the assistance.  Please let Laura know if/when you need assistance to make this happen.




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