As part of its advisory duties, the RMAC and the RMAC’s Policy and Legislation Subcommittee routinely track and comment on legislation related to the Rivers Program itself, legislation affecting designated rivers, legislation specific to the Instream Flow Program, and legislation affecting rivers and watersheds in general.

RMAC Policy and Legislation Subcommittee’s Policy and Procedure
RMAC Approved Standing Legislative Positions 2020

RMAC 2020 Legislative Tracking

2020 Rivers and Lakes Legislative Tracking 2020.07.31

RMAC Letters of Testimony – 2020 Session

HB1124 Prime Wetland HouseRRD February 13, 2020

HB 1559 Sealing Records House Judiciary January 21, 2020

HB 1673 Definition of Public Body House Judiciary January 23, 2020

SB 428 Notification to Rivers Coordinator Senate E&NR January 21, 2020

SB 491 Shoreland Water Quality Senate E&NR January 21, 2020

SB 496 Municipal Water Pollution Senate E&NR January 21, 2020

SB 627 Dock Registration Procedure Senate E&NR January 21, 2020

SB 713 Municipal Road Salt Senate E&NR January 28, 2020

DES Legislative Activity

DES Legislative Hearing Calendar (Updated weekly)

DES Letters of Testimony – can be found on DES Legislative Activity page above

List of Legislative Abbreviations

For complete information regarding legislative activity please visit the NH General Court website: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/

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