Surplus Land Reviews

Under the Rivers Management and Protection Act, specifically RSA 483:8, VII, the Council on Resources and Development (CORD) may not recommend for disposal of any state-owned property that lies adjacent to or provides access to a river except upon the review and recommendation of the Rivers Management Advisory Committee (RMAC). RSA 483:14 further provides that state-owned property cannot be disposed of unless the RMAC recommends such disposal. The RMAC thus reviews all proposals to dispose of state-owned property that are adjacent to or provide access to any river and makes a recommendation to CORD and other state agencies regarding whether the property should be disposed.

The criteria and procedures outlined the document below are designed to provide guidance and ensure consistency when the RMAC reviews property disposal proposals and to assist the RMAC in making recommendations to CORD and other state agencies.

RMAC Procedures for Proposed Surplus Land Disposals (Amended June 11, 2019)

Rivers Program SLR Staff Review Checklist

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