RMAC Members

RMAC Membership

RMAC Subcommittees

RMAC Officer Election Policy 1-19-2018

Michele L. Tremblay, Chair – Conservation Community
Larry Spencer, Vice Chair – Conservation Commission
Victoria Bunker – Historic/Archeological Interests
Christopher Hodgdon- NH Fish & Game Commission
Mark Lombardi – Granite State Hydropower Association
Frederick McNeill – Municipal Officer
Allan Palmer – Business & Industry Association
Dr. Norman Sims – Recreational Interests
Ruth Ward – Local River Management Advisory Committees
Donald Ware – Public Water Suppliers
Stewart Yeaton – Agricultural Interests

Peter Bowman – NH Department of Natural and Cultural Resources
Jennifer Gilbert – NH Office of Strategic Initiatives
Mark Hemmerlein – NH Department of Transportation
Shawn Jasper – NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food
John Magee – NH Fish and Game Department
Meghan Wells – NH Department of Safety


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