RMAC Subcommittees

RMAC Policy and Legislation Subcommittee Members

Larry Spencer – Subcommittee Chair
John Magee (non-voting)
Fred McNeil
Alexx Monasteiro (non-voting)
Allan Palmer
Michele L. Tremblay
Donald Ware

Joint RMAC and LMAC Instream Flow Subcommittee Members

David Packard – LMAC – Subcommittee Co-Chair
Michele L. Tremblay – RMAC – Subcommittee Co-Chair
Bruce Allen – LMAC
Mark Lombardi – RMAC
Ruth Ward – RMAC
Donald Ware – RMAC

Joint LMAC and RMAC Shoreland Subcommittee Members

Michele L. Tremblay – RMAC – Subcommittee Chair
Bruce Allen – LMAC
Shane Bradt – LMAC
Jennifer Gilbert RMAC & LMAC (non-voting)
Fred McNeil – RMAC
David Packard – LMAC
Larry Spencer – RMAC
Ruth Ward – RMAC

Joint Water Quality Indicators Study Subcommittee

Mark Lombardi – RMAC – Subcommittee Lead
Shane Bradt – LMAC
John Magee – RMAC (non-voting)
David Packard – LMAC
Norman Sims – RMAC
Michele L. Tremblay – RMAC
Mary Truell -LMAC

Joint Priority State-Owned Land Mapping Study Subcommittee

Shane Bradt – LMAC
Christopher Hodgdon – RMAC
Mark Lombardi – RMAC
Alexx Monasteiro – RMAC (non-voting)
Rex Norman – LMAC
Michele L. Tremblay – RMAC