Local River Management Advisory Committees (LACs)

A distinctive characteristic of the NH Rivers Management and Protection Program is the partnership created between state government and local citizens through the formation of a local river management advisory committee for each designated river. Each committee plays a vital role in protecting not only the river, but its shorelands as well. A minimum of one resident from each riverfront community along the length of designation is appointed to the committee by the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Services (NHDES). Committee members represent a broad range of interests and backgrounds. The main responsibilities of the advisory committee are to develop and implement a local river corridor management plan and advise local, state, and federal governing bodies and agencies of activities which may affect the water quality or flow of the protected river or segment. The NHDES offers the committee technical assistance in developing and implementing the management plan.

Several of the local river management advisory committees (LACs) have extended their efforts for river protection by undertaking projects outlined in the river management plans or those which the committee felt would further benefit the river and river communities. These plans and descriptions of some of the projects can be found on the LAC Forum at

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