ISF Rulemaking 2016-2018

Instream Flow Rules – Rulemaking

Env-Wq 1900 – Rules for the Protection of Instream Flow on Designated Rivers

Following the completion of the Instream Flow Pilot Program on the Souhegan and Lamprey Designated Rivers, NHDES is writing new rules to apply instream flow protections to the other Designated Rivers of the State, as required by RSA 483.

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ISF Rulemaking Resources:

Instream Flow Pilot Program Report (December 2015)  – Results and recommendations of the ISF Pilot Program
Instream Flow Pilot Program Report (December 2015) – APPENDICES

RSA 483 – Rivers Management and Protection Program statute (includes Instream Flow Program)

2011 Instream Flow Pilot Rules – Existing rules governing the ISF pilot program