RMAC LoT for HB1

RMAC HB1 Letter of Testimony

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  1. Richard H. Lord says:

    I’ve been a volunteer member of the Lamprey River Advisory Committee since its inception in 1990 when the lower Lamprey was one of the first four rivers designated into New Hampshire’s Rivers Management Program. The NH Department of Environmental Services with a small staff of RMP employees has been able to profoundly extend its capability to protect the State’s rivers and streams by tapping the eyes, ears, minds and muscle and the time and energy of the dozens of volunteers who serve on the Local Area Committees throughout the state. The coordination at DES makes this program possible. Eliminating the few paid positions of the Rivers Management Program as proposed in HB1 would also eliminate the availability of thousands of hours of volunteer help that currently aid the State in protecting the quality and quantity of water in the State’s rivers and streams. When so much volunteer help is leveraged through so little cost to the State, it seems very ill advised to eliminate these positions at DES. Pleas vote to continue supporting the very successful Rivers Management Program.

    Thank you,

    Richard H. Lord
    85 Bennett Rd, Durham, NH
    Durham representative to the Lamprey River Advisory Committee

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