Lower Exeter/Squamscott River Nomination

The Lower Exeter/Squamscott River Nomination was submitted for consideration on May 26, 201o.  It was reviewed and determined incomplete on June 2, 2010.   A list of comments were submitted to the nominating committee for incorporation.  A revised nomination was submitted and deemed complete on June 23, 2010.  Below, please find relevant documents for your review for your meeting on June 30, 2010.

Revised Lower Exeter/Squamscott River Nomination

Appendix A – Map Set

Map 1 – Base A

Map 2 – Geology

Map 3 – WAP Tiers

Map 4 – Coastal Conservation

Map 5 – Groundwater Hazards

Map 6 – Conservation and Unfrag

Map 7 – Impoundment_Withdrawl_Discharge

Map 8 – 2005 Landuse

Map 9 – Zoning

Appendix B – Community Involvement

Additional Letters of Support

Letter of Completeness

Report to the General Court

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