Permit Reviews

A major duty of the LACs is to review and comment on local, state or federal activities, within a quarter mile (1,320 feet) on either side of the river, in accordance with RSA 483:12-a. RMPP staff are responsible for coordinating the procedure by which the LACs are notified when state action is being considered which affects a designated river. State actions and permits that qualify for review by the LACs [RSA 483:8-a III(b)] are listed by applicable statute below.

LAC Permit Review Guides and Checklists (UPDATED MARCH 2021)

Other Resources (assembled by Cory Ritz, Chair, Souhegan River LAC)

Wetlands Guidance (as of December 2019)


Permit Types and LAC Review Time

Interactive Designated Rivers Web Map
Interactive Designated Rivers Web Map Instructions
This map shows all of the designated rivers and their 1/4 mile corridors in New Hampshire. The map allows users to enter a street address, GPS coordinates or a place name to determine whether or not the location entered falls within a designated river corridor.

Look up: Wetlands and Shoreland Permits
Look up: Alteration of Terrain Permits

Look up: Wetlands and Shoreland Weekly Decision Reports

Permit Review Guidance Document:
UMRLAC Permit Application Review Guidance


Alteration of Terrain (RSA 485-A:17)
Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act (RSA 483-B)
Wetlands Fill and Dredge (RSA 482-A:3)
Dams, Mills and Flowage (RSA 482)
Pesticide Application Permits (RSA 430)
Groundwater Protection Act (RSA 485-C)
Water Pollution and Waste Disposal Act (RSA 485-A)
Mining and Reclamation Act (RSA 12-E)
Operating Restrictions for Watercraft (RSA 270:12)
Hazardous Waste Management Act (RSA 147-A)
Solid Waste Management Act (RSA 149-M)

Other State Activities

401 Water Quality Certification Program
State Revolving Fund funded Drinking Water and Wastewater Projects


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