Permit Reviews

A major duty of the LACs is to review and comment on local, state or federal activities, within a quarter mile (1,320 feet) on either side of the river, in accordance with RSA 483:12-a. RMPP staff are responsible for coordinating the procedure by which the LACs are notified when state action is being considered which affects a designated river. State actions and permits that qualify for review by the LACs [RSA 483:8-a III(b)] are listed by applicable statute below.


Quick-Reference Guide to Wetland Permit Applications for LACs (updated 12/20/2019)Wetland Permit Application Review Process Flow Charts for LACs (updated 12/19/2019)
Wetlands Permit Guidance for LACs (updated 12/19/2019)

Permit Types and LAC Review Time

Interactive Designated Rivers Web Map
Interactive Designated Rivers Web Map Instructions
This map shows all of the designated rivers and their 1/4 mile corridors in New Hampshire. The map allows users to enter a street address, GPS coordinates or a place name to determine whether or not the location entered falls within a designated river corridor.

Look up: Wetlands and Shoreland Permits
Look up: Alteration of Terrain Permits

Look up: Wetlands and Shoreland Weekly Decision Reports

Permit Review Guidance Document:
UMRLAC Permit Application Review Guidance


Alteration of Terrain (RSA 485-A:17)
Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act (RSA 483-B)
Wetlands Fill and Dredge (RSA 482-A:3)
Dams, Mills and Flowage (RSA 482)
Pesticide Application Permits (RSA 430)
Groundwater Protection Act (RSA 485-C)
Water Pollution and Waste Disposal Act (RSA 485-A)
Mining and Reclamation Act (RSA 12-E)
Operating Restrictions for Watercraft (RSA 270:12)
Hazardous Waste Management Act (RSA 147-A)
Solid Waste Management Act (RSA 149-M)

Other State Activities

401 Water Quality Certification Program
State Revolving Fund funded Drinking Water and Wastewater Projects


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