Pemigewasset River LAC Meeting – Nov. 24th

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
7:00 PM
Online Meeting via Zoom

This meeting is being convened via Zoom under emergency provisions RSA 91-A. All Pemigewasset River LAC meetings are open to the public.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 827 8939 2674

If some difficulty arises with connection issues, please contact Bill Bolton at his cell phone 603-236-1812


    1. Call to order and Introduction of attendees/visitors
    2. Approval of minutes from our September 29, 2020 regular meeting and our October 29, 2020 special meeting
    3. Permit Applications
    4. Receipt of response from DES regarding PRLAC’s application for funding to update the Pemi Corridor Management Plan
    5. Defending Town funding requests…
    6. Membership: The resignation of Dan Boynton from PRLAC prompted a DES request to the Campton Selectboard to identify two new Campton members (Jane Kellogg is existing representative). DES received 3 applicants for the 2 openings and needs direction on how to proceed (have the Campton BOS choose, modify our bylaws to allow 4)
    7. Mooney-Clark Landing maintenance needs: A gentleman from Alexandria has identified maintenance issues with the Mooney-Clark Landing. Dave Jeffers has invited him to our meeting to be part of our discussion on how to proceed with his concerns
    8. Dave Jeffers Corner: (?)
    9. Other items…
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