About the Lakes Program

With the passage of RSA 483-A in 1990, the General Court established the New Hampshire Lakes Management and Protection Program (LMPP) to be administered within the NH Department of Environmental Services. According to the law, “it is the intent of the legislature that the New Hampshire Lakes Management and Protection Program shall complement and reinforce existing state and federal water quality laws. It is also the intent of the legislature that, through said program, the scenic beauty and recreational potential of lakes shall be maintained or enhanced, that wildlife habitat shall be protected, that opportunity for public enjoyment of lakes uses be ensured, and that littoral interests shall be respected.”

In order to implement the program, the Legislature created a Lakes Coordinator position in the Department of Environmental Services and established a Lakes Management Advisory Committee (LMAC). The Lakes Coordinator is responsible for the administration of the Program. The LMAC serves in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner of NHDES and the Lakes Coordinator in carrying out the purposes of the statute.

Due to cuts to the state budget, funding for the Lakes Coordinator position was eliminated in 2011.

For more information about the Lakes Program or the LMAC, please visit the LMPP website or contact Tracie Sales, Rivers & Lakes Programs Manager, at (603) 271-2959 or Tracie.Sales@des.nh.gov.

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