As part of its advisory duties, the LMAC routinely tracks and comments on legislation related to the Lakes Program itself, legislation specific to the Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act, and legislation affecting lakes, rivers, watersheds, and surface water quality.

LMAC P&L Subcommittee Policy and Procedures

LMAC Standing Positions

LMAC 2022 Legislative Tracking

2022 Rivers and Lakes Legislative Tracking 2022.06.16

LMAC 2022 Letters of Testimony

HB1066_LMAC_Support_Cyanobacteria_Senate E&NR
HB1071_LMAC_support_wake boats_House RRD
HB1167_LMAC_oppose_PFAS surface waters_House RRD
HB1293_LMAC_Support_septic design_House M&CG
HB1293_LMAC_Support_septic design_Senate E&NR
HB1316_LMAC_support_efoil_House RRD
HB1424_LMAC_Oppose_Winni speed limit_House Transportation
HB1440_LMAC_oppose_PFAS surface waters_House RRD
HB1528_LMAC_Support_Public Boat Access_Senate E&NR

DES Legislative Activity

DES Legislative Hearing Calendar (Updated weekly)

DES Letters of Testimony – can be found on DES Legislative Activity page above

List of Legislative Abbreviations

For complete information regarding legislative activity please visit the NH General Court website: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/

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