NHF&G SLRs – Greenough Pond, Wentworth’s Location

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (NHF&G) is proposing to renew 2 property leases on Greenough Pond in Wentworth’s Location. NHF&G acquired 934 acres in 2013 as a wildlife management area, with these 2 pre-existing leases already present. One lease is one acre, the other is 3 acres, both on the shore of Greenough Pond. Buildings associated with these leases are the only development on the pond.

Information about these proposed lease renewals is below. In addition, the minutes of the April 2, 2013 LMAC meeting contain a summary on page 3 of the LMAC’s discussion with regard to the initial lease of these properties.

SLR 18-002 Wentworth’s Location – 1 acre property
SLR 18-003 Wentworth’s Location – 3 acre property

Due to the terms of the NHF&G Site License Agreement, Chair Packard and Vice Chair Hodder agree that the two Greenough Pond lease extensions are expected to have de minimus impact on the pond because the Agreement terms allow for on-going public access, the camps appear to have had no negative impacts on the water body over the many years they have been there, and the extension of the term from 4 year agreements to 10 year agreements is within NHF&G’s domain and will still need to be approved by Governor and Council. Thus, these SLRs will be approved under the LMAC’s categorical exclusion procedure for disposals with de minimus impact on a lake or pond.

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