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Friday, May. 7, 2021
Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Monitoring
Most large groundwater withdrawal permits require the permit holder to implement a long-term impact monitoring program based on observations made during the pumping test completed as part of the permitting process. Although requirements vary widely from permit to permit, monitoring programs commonly include monitoring of groundwater, surface water and wetlands, or any combination thereof. Unless otherwise specified in a permit, the permit holder is required to submit an annual monitoring report to the Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting Program by January 31 that includes the monitoring data collected during the prior year. Review the monitoring requirements of a specific permit.
This page contains plots of data collected under a permit holder’s monitoring program for groundwater level monitoring locations only. Click on a permit site on the map below to view a list of groundwater level monitoring stations and review recent monitoring data.
The following tables contain a list of groundwater level monitoring stations for each permit listed alphabetically by town. For each station, a plot of the groundwater level monitoring data can be obtained by clicking on the Station ID. The Station ID is the identification number of the monitoring station used in DES's Environmental Monitoring Database.
Please contact the Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting Program to obtain all available groundwater level monitoring data for all monitoring years in a tabular format, or information related to other types of monitoring.
Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Sites
    Community Water Supply Bottled/Bulk Water Golf Course Irrigation
Note: "Distance" in the tables below indicates the approximate distance of the monitoring station from the nearest associated permitted large groundwater withdrawal well. Units are in feet.
Town Alton  
Permittee Chamberlain Springs, LLC  
Permit Number LGWP-2006-0002  
Not active
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Town Atkinson  
Permittee Hampstead Area Water Company  
Permit Number LGWP-2009-0002  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20090002DW01 Drinking Well House #1 900
20090002IW02 Irrigation Well House #2 830
20090002PWSR3 Production Well HWC-SR3 0
20090002PWSR4 Production Well HWC-SR4 0
20090002PWSW01 Public Water Supply Well #1 1,720
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Town Bow  
Permittee Town of Bow  
Permit Number LGWP-2010-0003  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20100003MWOW6 Monitoring Well OW6 590
20100003MWOW8 Monitoring Well OW8 1,150
20100003MWOW9 Monitoring Well OW9 1,300
20100003PWPW1 Production Well PW-1 0
20100003PWPW2 Production Well PW-2 0
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Town Conway  
Permittee North Conway Water Precinct  
Permit Number LGWP-2010-0002  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20100002MWOW2 Monitoring Well OW-2 490
20100002MWOW6 Monitoring Well OW-6 90
20100002PWWELL3 Production Well 3 0
20100002PWWELL6 Production Well 6 0
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Town Epping  
Permittee Epping Water and Sewer Department  
Permit Number LGWP-2012-0001  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20120001DW01 Drinking Well House #1 1,000
20120001DW02 Drinking Well House #2 670
20120001DW03 Drinking Well House #3 1,540
20120001DW04 Drinking Well House #4 1,290
20120001PWHPW3 Production Well Hoar Pond Well No. 3 0
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Town Gilford  
Permittee Gunstock Acres Village District  
Permit Number LGWP-2007-0002  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20070002DW01 Drinking Well House #1 1,420
20070002DW02 Drinking Well House #2 1,000
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Town Greenland  
Permittee Breakfast Hill Golf Club, LLC  
Permit Number LGWP-2000-0001A  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20000001MWHT6S Monitoring Well HT-6S 110
20000001MWPW03 Monitoring Well PW-03 80
20000001IWPW4 Irrigation Well PW-4 0
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Town Greenland/Stratham  
Permittee Soft Draw Investments, LLC  
Permit Number LGWP-2001-0001A  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20010001DW01 Drinking Well House #1 2,350
20010001DW02 Drinking Well House #2 1,530
20010001DW03 Drinking Well House #3 2,170
20010001DW04 Drinking Well House #4 1,900
20010001DW05B Drinking Well House #5 Bedrock 1,690
20010001DW05O Drinking Well House #5 Overburden 1,600
20010001DW06 Drinking Well House #6 2,270
20010001DW08 Drinking Well House #8 2,100
20010001DW09 Drinking Well House #9 2,500
20010001DW10 Drinking Well House #10 2,370
20010001DW12 Drinking Well House #12 2,390
20010001DW13 Drinking Well House #13 4,780
20010001DW14 Drinking Well House #14 2,480
20010001DW15B Drinking Well House #15 Bedrock 2,520
20010001DW15O Drinking Well House #15 Overburden 2,520
20010001DW16 Drinking Well House #16 3,710
20010001DW17 Drinking Well House #17 2,280
20010001DW18 Drinking Well House #18 2,010
20010001DW19 Drinking Well House #19 1,610
20010001DW20 Drinking Well House #20 1,830
20010001DW21 Drinking Well House #21 2,360
20010001DW22 Drinking Well House #22 2,050
20010001DW23 Drinking Well House #23 2,110
20010001DW24 Drinking Well House #24 3,670
20010001IWASSE1 Irrigation Well Asset 1 0
20010001IWASSE2 Irrigation Well Asset 2 0
20010001IWWINN1 Irrigation Well Winnicut 1 0
20010001IWWINN2 Irrigation Well Winnicut 2 0
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Town Jaffrey  
Permittee Jaffrey Department of Public Works  
Permit Number LGWP-2010-0001  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20100001PWSRW Squantum Road Production Well 0
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Town Kingston  
Permittee Diamond Oaks Golf Club, LLC  
Permit Number LGWP-2012-0002  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20040001IWPW2 Irrigation Well PW-2 0
20040001IWPW3 Irrigation Well PW-3 0
20120002MWBOBS1 Monitoring Well BOBS-1 1,240
20120002MWDGW1 Monitoring Well DGW-1 1,060
20120002PWPTW1 Production Well PTW-1 0
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Town Milton  
Permittee Milton Water District  
Permit Number LGWP-2007-0001A  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20070001DW01 Drinking Well House #1 530
20070001MWNO9 Monitoring Well No. 9 110
20070001MWNO11 Monitoring Well No. 11 10
20070001MW0W21 Monitoring Well OW-21 650
20070001MWOW22 Monitoring Well OW-22 550
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Town New Durham  
Permittee Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club, LLC  
Permit Number LGWP-2005-0001  
Not active    
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Town Newmarket  
Permittee Newmarket Public Works Department  
Permit Number LGWP-2013-0002  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20130002DW01 Drinking Well House #1 1,370
20130002PWNGE2B Production Well NGE-2B 0
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Town North Hampton  
Permittee Aquarion Water Company of NH  
Permit Number LGWP-2003-0001A  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20030001MWSB1 Monitoring Well SB-1 690
20030001MWSB7 Monitoring Well SB-7 650
20030001PW6 Production Well 6 1,220
20030001PW8A Production Well 8A 250
20030001PW9 Production Well 9 2,270
20030001PW11 Production Well 11 1,170
20030001PW20 Production Well 20 0
20030001PW21 Production Well 21 0
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Town Nottingham  
Permittee USA Springs, Inc.  
Permit Number LGWP-2004-0003  
Not active    
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Town Pittsburg  
Permittee Perry Stream Land & Timber Co., Inc.  
Permit Number LGWP-2010-0004  
Not active    
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Town Plainfield  
Permittee Meriden Village Water District  
Permit Number LGWP-2008-0002  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20080002DW01 Drinking Well House #1 410
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Town Rochester  
Permittee Rochester Department of Public Works  
Permit Number LGWP-2008-0001A  
Not active    
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Town Sharon  
Permittee Cold Stone Springs, LLC  
Permit Number LGWP-2007-0004A  
Not active    
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Town Springfield  
Permittee Village District of Eastman  
Permit Number LGWP-2008-0004  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20080004DW01 Drinking Well House #1 8,730
20080004DW02 Drinking Well House #2 8,900
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Town Waterville Valley  
Permittee Waterville Valley Water District  
Permit Number LGWP-2011-0001  
Station ID Station Name Distance
20110001MWM5D Monitoring Well WTV-M5D 730
20110001MWM5S Monitoring Well WTV-M5S 730
20110001MWS11 Monitoring Well WTV-S11 1,220
20110001MWS14 Monitoring Well WTV-S14 10
20110001PWWTV4 Production Well WTV-4 0
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Town Windham  
Permittee PEU/Spruce Pond Estates  
Permit Number LGWP-2007-0003A  
Not active    
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