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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services


This page is scheduled to be decommissioned and will no longer be available after January 2023.

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Station:  Newfound Lake (NFLNH)

Full Lake = 6 ft. Local = 587.88 ft. above sea level







This station is located at the Newfound Lake Dam, which is located at the
southerly end of the lake in Bristol. The following parameters are currently
being measured at this station:

Newfound Lake Stage (Lake Elevation)*
Newfound River Stage / Flow
Air Temperature

*A gage reading of 6.0' corresponds to an elevation of 587.88'.

Spring Refill
Lake is filled between mid May and early June to a level of approximately
6.0' on the staff gage located just upstream of the bridge that crosses
the outlet brook at the south end of the lake. It is not unusual to see spring
lake levels significantly higher than 6.0'.

Summer Operations
Lake level is managed by bringing it up to full or 6.0' on the gage, then it
is allowed to gradually lower over the course of the summer in order to reach
a target gage reading of 4.5' on Columbus Day.

Seasonal Fall Drawdown
After Columbus Day the lake is slowly lowered to a target drawdown of 3 feet
below full pond to allow shorefront maintenance to occur and to prepare for
spring runoff.  The drawdown is accomplished by the operations of flood gates
and the removal of stoplogs at the dam.

Note: Water levels generally fluctuate in response to precipitation, snowmelt,
drought or other meteorological conditions. Target water levels are mantained
by the adjustment of flows at the dam in response to these conditions.

This meteorological station is operated and maintained by
the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES).
Most data relayed by satellite or other telemetry have received
little or no review. Inaccuracies in the data may be present
because of instrument malfunctions or physical changes at the
measurement site, including backwater effects due to ice formation.
Although the data presented herein is intended to be an accurate
representation of actual conditions, it is presented for
informational purposes only and the user is cautioned to use it at
his/her own risk.   

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