October Is Shower Better Month

showerbetter-infographicIn the spirit of National Energy Action Month, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services is celebrating Shower Better Month. Not sure what the connection is? It takes energy to pump water to your home and to heat the water for your shower. By showering better, your family could save more than 2,900 gallons of water a year, enough energy to power your home for 13 days, and money on your water and energy bills.

How do you shower better? One easy way is to cut your watersense logoshower short by just one minute, which could save your family at least 500 gallons of water in a year. Better yet, replace your showerhead with a WaterSense labeled high performance showerhead. The EPA WaterSense program certifies water efficient fixtures of all different makes and models to ensure that the products perform just as well as, if not better than, standard products, yet use 20% less water.

Look for the WaterSense certification label on the packaging of the showerhead or if looking online, in the product details. WaterSense certified products may be found at most box stores and bed and bath retailers, but retail partners also often make looking for the label easy.

We're for Water logoProtecting and preserving New Hampshire’s water supply is critical to our economy, the environment, and human health. Water is not an infinite resource and in New Hampshire, we are faced with a growing population, ongoing development, changing climate trends, and very old water infrastructure, all of which put pressure on our water resources. Residential water users are the largest water users in the state and have significant potential for using water more efficiently. To ensure enough clean water for you, your family, and future generations join the We’re for Water campaign!  Choose WaterSense labeled products for your home and yard and take simple steps to save water each day. You will save water, save energy, and save money!