Save Water This Summer

Summer is officially here! As we start spending more time outdoors having fun and working on our lawns and gardens, why not think about the role of water in these outdoor activities?

On average, we use approximately 50 percent more water in summer, and in some areas it skyrockets to 100 to 200 percent. This leap in use comes at a period when water resources are already stressed due to high temperatures and increased demand from plant growth. Therefore, it is important that we maintain a careful balance between our needs and the needs of nature to ensure the availability of enough clean water into the future.

Check out the links in the “Be the Change” dropdown for helpful, easy water efficiency tips. Use water wisely and have fun out there!

We're for Water logoProtecting and preserving New Hampshire’s water supply is critical to our economy, the environment, and human health. Water is not an infinite resource and in New Hampshire we are faced with a growing population, ongoing development, changing climate trends, and very old water infrastructure, all of which put pressure on our water resources. Residential water users are the largest water users in the state and have significant potential for using water more efficiently. To ensure enough clean water for you, your family, and future generations join the We’re for Water campaign!  Choose WaterSense labeled products for your home and yard and take simple steps to save water each day. You will save water, save energy, and save money!